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All Draft Bottles Craft Michigan

Sun Cruiser Hard Tea Gluten Free

All Day Grapefruit IPA IPA

– Grand Rapids, MI

Lavender Lemonade Lite Gluten Free

– Grand Rapids, MI

Heineken 0.0

Cardamom Strawberry Cooler Gluten Free

– Grand Rapids, MI

Blonde Gluten Free

– Montreal, Canada

Various Flavors: Pineapple Mango // Prickly Pear Guava Gluten Free

– Waunakee, WI

Patches Treat Sour

– Tulsa, OK

Millions of Peaches Cider

– Homer, MI

Hoppy Mood

– Grand Rapids, MI

Vodka Transfusion: American vodka, ginger ale & grape juice Gluten Free

– Charlottesville, VA

Sparkling CBD Cocktail • Moscow Mule

– Lakewood, CO

Michigan Amber Amber Ale

– Holland, MI

Sangria Cider

– Grand Rapids

Free Wave IPA

Various Flavors : Tequila Seltzer Pack • Tequila Soda Gluten Free

OG Fruited Sour Sour



Long Drink Cranberry Gluten Free


Long Drink Zero Sugar Gluten Free

Long Drink – Original // Zero Sugar // Peach Gluten Free

Various Flavors: Blackberry Agave // Blood Orange Pomegranate Gluten Free

– Waunakee, WI

Various Flavors: Lemon Lime // Margarita // Pineapple • Hard Seltzer Gluten Free


Calabaza Blanca Witbier

– Dexter, MI

CBD Sparkling Water • Various Flavors: Blackberry // Grapefruit // Lemon Lime // Strawberry Gluten Free

– Waunakee, WI

Light Hearted Session IPA

– Kalamazoo, MI

Triple Jam: Strawberry, Blackberry, & Raspberry Cider

– Armada, MI

Various Flavors: Snowbird Pack • Vodka Soda Gluten Free

Various Flavors: Black Cherry // Mango • Hard Seltzer Gluten Free

– Chicago, IL

Batch 8000 Imperial IPA

– Bellaire, MI

Pineapple Cider

– Sebastopol, California


– Williamston, MI


– Marquette, MI

Soft Parade Fruit Beer

– Bellaire, MI
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