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All Draft Bottles Craft Michigan

Grand Reserve Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale

– Baileux, Belgium

Little Betty (12oz can) Imperial Stout

– Papillion, NE

Superhop IPA IPA

– Baltimore, MD

Strawberry Sour / Wild Ale

– Portland, OR

K is for Kriek Sour / Wild Ale

– Brooklyn, NY

The Murray Project Imperial IPA

– Marquette, MI

Sidecar Orange Pale Ale Pale Ale

– Chico, CA

Sour to the People Sour / Wild Ale

– Ann Arbor, MI

Amber Ale Amber Ale

– Juneau, AK

Black Ops (2015) Imperial Stout

– Brooklyn, NY

Tart of Darkness Sour / Wild Ale

– Anaheim, CA

Wakefire Cider

– Armada, MI

Mash Barley Wine

– Placentia, CA

Apple Blueberry Cider

– St. Johns, MI

Euchre Pilsner Pilsener

– Ann Arbor, MI

La Fin du Monde Abbey Tripel

– Chambly, Canada

Space Rock (reduced Gluten) Gluten Free

– Bellaire, MI

All Day IPA (12oz can) Session IPA

– Grand Rapids, MI


– Marquette, MI

Soft Parade (12oz can) Fruit Beer

– Bellaire, MI

Coors Banquet Beer Pale Lager

– Golden, CO

Summer Shandy Fruit Beer

– Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Dragon’s Milk Imperial Stout

– Holland, MI

Fat Tire Amber Ale

– Fort Collins, CO

Stella Artois Pale Lager

– Leuven, Belgium

Red Stripe Pale Lager

– Kingston, Jamaica

Redd’s Apple Ale Fruit Beer

– Milwaukee, WI

O’Douls Amber Low Alcohol

– St. Louis, MO

Miller Lite Pale Lager

– Milwaukee, WI

Miller High Life Pale Lager

– Milwaukee, WI

Michelob Ultra Pale Lager

– St. Louis, MO

Labatt Blue Light Pale Lager

– London, Canada

Labatt Blue Pale Lager

– London, Canada

Dos Equis Amber Amber Lager

– Monterrey, Mexico

Dos Equis Pale Lager

– Monterrey, Mexico

Corona Light Pale Lager

– Mexico

Corona Pale Lager

– Mexico

Coors Light Pale Lager

– Golden, CO

Bud Light Lime Fruit Beer

– St. Louis, MO

Bud Light Pale Lager

– St. Louis, MO

Budweiser Pale Lager

– St. Louis, MO

Blue Moon Witbier

– Golden, CO

Stella Artois Cidre Cider

– Leuven, Belgium

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser Mead

– Ferndale, MI
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