Crunchy’s Specialty Cocktail Menu (Seasonal)

Spartan Island* $7
Nothings better than a green colored Long Island during football season! This craft Long Island is made with melon liquor, sprite and lemonade. Go Green!
Simply Smashed Pumpkins* $8
A cinnamon sugar rimmed snifter filled with homemade pumpkin simple syrup shaken with Traverse City Whiskey and fresh apple cider. Tasty pumpkin flavor!
A Berry Mammoth* $8
Mammoth Gin shaken with fresh squeezed lemon juice and homemade blueberry simple syrup and topped with frozen blueberries.
Brunchin’ at the Crunch* $11
A bottle of champagne served with four flight glasses filled with different mixers to give you a variety of delicious combinations. The mixers in order from top of the paddle to the handle: Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Strawberry Simple Syrup, Blueberry Simple Syrup, and Peach Juice *NO SUBSTITUTIONS*
Gettin’ Sour in TC* $8
Traverse City Whiskey shaken with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup and topped with a T.C. cherry.
The Last Round-Up* $9
Chilled Pendleton Rye Whiskey served up with sweet vermouth and bitters and garnished with a T.C. cherry.
Oh So Old Yet Fashionable* $9
Lightly muddled orange accompanied with Old Forrester 86 Bourbon & simple syrup topped with a T.C. cherry.
Strawberry Dreams Forever* $8
Fresh strawberries shaken with lemonade and Pink Whitney Vodka. Delightfully tasty and murky at the same time. Perfect for any patio day!
Yooper Juice* $7
A traditional Paloma cocktail that is easy to drink. Made with tequila, fresh lime juice, ruby red grapefruit juice and a little fizz.
One in a Melon* $8
Western Son Lime and Triple Sec topped with lemonade, sprite and Watermelon Red Bull. Yum!
Skinny Serenity* $8
Blackberry CBD simply combined with Dulce Vida Lime tequila! Feel the relaxation with every sip!
Smoky Retreat* $9
Montelobos Mezcal, sweet vermouth and Campari stirred and poured over ice with an orange twist. A tasty version of a traditional Negroni!
Punched by Autumn* $8
Homemade punch combined with rum and peach schnapps to create a refreshing cocktail.
Star Chai Twist* $8
Traverse City Whiskey shaken with vanilla chai and Irish cream liqueurs and decorated with a star anise and orange twist for aromatic flare.
Tango in the Tropics* $7
Dark rum and coconut rum shaken with pineapple juice and orange juice and topped with sprite.
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